Massage Therapy Miami


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720 Hours: 36 Weeks
Credential Issued: Diploma

Program Objective:
To train individuals in the art and science of therapeutic massage. The knowledge and skills acquired by the students will prepare them for the occupation of massage practitioner. This course is also designed for students who wish to take the “Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination” (MBLEx).

Program Description:
This program is designed for those individuals who are seeking a career in therapeutic massage and bodywork. The program consists of course work and practice sessions. The program is also suitable for those who are adding skills to their profession as health care workers in nursing, physical or occupational therapy or any other related field.

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Program Outline

Course # Title Theory Lab/Clinic Clock Hours
HHMT 101 Therapeutic Massage Theory and History 20 20 40
HHMT 102 The Human Body 20 20 40
HHMT 103 Massage Principles, Applications and Medical Errors 20 20 40
HHMT 104 Skeletal and Muscular Systems 20 20 40
HHMT 105 Nervous System and Kinesiology 60 60 120
HHMT 109 *Neuromuscular Therapy 40 40 80
HHMT 106 Secondary Body Systems, CPR and HIV/AIDS 40 40 80
HHMT 107 Oriental Modalities and Hydrotherapy 60 20 80
HHMT 108 Western Modalities and Basic Pharmacology 60 20 80
HHMT 110 Business Principles, Law, Ethics, Medical Errors, CPR and HIV/AIDS 60 20 80
Totals 360 360 720

*Module required for HHMT106 – Secondary Body Systems

Massage Therapy, Principles and Practice; Susan Salvo LMT, Elsevier, 5th Edition ISBN:978-0-323-23971-4Tuition & Fees
Registration fee is due before the first day of class. Students will not be officially enrolled in Healing Hands Institute until registration fees are fully paid. Any students owing money to Healing Hands Institute, regardless of the debt, will not be permitted to graduate:Payment Methods
The school is not approved for Title IV funding. The school does not offer Financial Aid. The admission’s representative provides information about payment plans and/or Academic Scholarship. Advisement includes determining if the individual wants to pay in full or make a deposit and pay the balance in installments. Tuition and fees may be paid by credit card, check, or money order at the Finance Department.On or before the first day of the Course Period, the students should have either:

  • Paid program cost in full
  • or paid Non-Refundable fees, listed above, in full and be elected to participate in a Payment Plan that allows students to pay in installments

All late payments will have a penalty of $25 late fee charge to the account.